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White Label – Web Design & Development Services

We take up a very simple work approach – Complete the Project First & Charge later.
No Up-front payment or Advance needed to get your project done. We believe in the saying:-

“Do What You Do Best, Let Others Do The Rest !”

Our Services

UI Prototyping

  • Low Fidelity Designs
  • High Fidelity Designs

UI Design

  • Home / Inner page Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brochure Conversion
  • Newsletter Design & Conversion


  • PSD to HTML
  • HTML / WP to Responsive
  • PSD to WP
  • HTML to WP


  • WP Theme Customization
  • Woo Commerce Development
  • Plugin Development & Mgmt.
  • WP Site Migration
  • WordPress Support Services

How YOU earn from our services ?

We intend to offer our services to all who wish to broaden their portfolio of services by adding Website design and development to their services. Our services are not targeted
only to Web designers but also to Graphic designers, Advertisement Agencies and Marketing agencies. By getting associated with Gaurav M you have an excellent opportunity of
serving your clients in multiple ways and this will ultimately lead to a retained customer and increased revenues. The major benefits of such an arrangement are as follows:-

Widen your array of services to your clientele.

Overcome the limitation of low or non-existent knowledge of Website development.

Better pricing for web development leading to better pricing for your clientele.

Increase in revenue by adding value added services with the help of low cost and specialized development.

Quality Services Delivered in Time


Important Notice

“ The names and logos have been modified to keep the identity of our clients discreet. These designs are part of our White Label services wherein we provide design and development service to Web design & development companies, and as a tacit understanding with our clients actual names and live links are not disclosed. Thank you ! ”


Designing is at the heart of what we do every day


Our Idealogy

Gaurav M web Professional believes in super specialization. It brings down the cost of development considerably. But the best part of it is that quality is not compromised even if the cost is reduced. We strive to dissipate the benefit of specialization by providing quality services at low cost or most cost-effective ways. This arrangement is mutually beneficial i.e. freelance designer & developer get a fair share for their efforts and our esteemed clients get a good price for their projects.

Our Pitch

We put forth our services especially to Web design and development houses who need a hand in executing their projects. Our web designing & development services are cost effective which we have achieved by specializing in very selective areas. Our service addresses the needs of our clients by providing good quality services at an affordable rate. Though we are a small group but we believe – Our work and commitments shapes up our identity.

Our Killer Looks

We are Anonymous by Choice

Our clients are the face to our work



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